Longer Term Development Projects
Icon Recognition: Video: Black & White Auto-Organize
Auto-sorts files into standard color or black & white.  Uses color recognition technology.
Icon Analysis: Data Type What is This
Analyses files and determines their type.  Find out what that unknown file really is.  For forensic as well as for standard use.
Icon Environment Immersive
Four+ dimensional, immersive, artificially intelligent, cyberspacial virtual reality environments.  Authentically and imaginatively modelled reactive spaces.  With interacting AI NPCs.  For exploring, living in and playing in.
Icon Recognition: Video: OCR Image into Text
Extracts raw text from images containing text, like faxes or books.  Uses optical character recognition technology.  Preserve your favorite literature in digital format forever.
Icon Share Monitor Money Market Power
Constantly monitors your stock portfolio.  Uses rules / limits that you set to alert you the instant that your shares rise or fall in value.  Allows complex rules to detect when stocks are at the top of their rise.
Log Watcher Watch your Logs
Freeware program that monitors your server logs to detect hack attacks.  Log Watcher then provides you with the attackers details to blacklist their IP and to report to IC3 police.  Free extra protection for your webserver.
Icon Web: Best Sellers Everybody Likes a Winner
Website module that reads your sales data and produces a best sellers list.  Just like the top sites such as amazon.com.  Automatically promote and display your best selling items right on your homepage.
Stay tuned for more advanced computing products to start development this year...