Imminent Program Releases
Wild Animals Wild Animals It's Your Inbox
Email cleaning program suite:  Boar: Anti-Spam, Shark: Anti-Phish, Email Firewall and Auto-Responder.  Protects you and your inbox.  Protects against identity theft.  Stop phishing and identity theft dead.  Auto-submits phishing attack data to IC3 police.
Email Watcher Email Watcher Instant Email Alarm
Email Watcher watches your inbox and alerts you via phone, SMS, email or fax when the email you're waiting for arrives.
Press Releaser Press Releaser On the Wire
Release your press release to all the major global press agencies with a single click.  Submits to AP, Reuters, MSNBC, C|Net, Condé Nast and heaps more.
Smooth File Transferrer Smooth File Transferrer Transfer Simply
Transfer files simply with this easy to use FTP client.
Icon Data: International Telecommunications Codes Telcoms Codes
Use this data in your applications.  Reverse trace any telcoms number.  Find the international dialling and city codes for global locations.
More computing products are to follow this year...