Historic Software Memorial

Historic Pro ƒrequency software releases from 2005 – 2007, now not distributed anymore.  Memorialized here for irreverance.  Downloads are provided for your interest only.  Use is at your own risk.

Indexed in alphabetical order:
Google Submitter
Hex to ASCII Converter
JavaScript Codelets plus Explanations
Perl CGI Codelets plus Explanations
Perl Module: Net::ICQ::On - ICQ Online Tester
Perl Module: File::Tree - Treeing Algorithm
Perl Script: Download 3k SPW PAD Submitter
Software Installer Module
Uptime Clock
Website Content Management System

Google Submitter v3.10.7 19 Jul 06

Adds URIs and descriptions to Google with a couple of keypresses and saves a database for repeat use. Saves time and resources over manual submission.

Single application file and data file allows simple backup and install.

Windows Middle East magazine published an article on Pro ƒrequency Google Submitter.

Hex to ASCII Converter v4.6.6 19 Jul 06

This program is due to be re-released, as freeware in Java to run on all computers in the standard ƒrequency editions: computer, mobile and web.

Convert hexadecimal strings to ASCII text with a single click. Discover what that incomprehensible string of hex characters converts to, use everyday with your existing IDE or use it to look up what the code for the ASCII dollar sign is, etc..

Small application window allows simultaneous use with your favorite IDE, text editor, Word, etc.. Sits in tray until needed. Click minimize (_) to send to tray and click tray icon to pop up.

JavaScript Codelets plus Explanations
JavaScript mini-bits of code with line-by-line explanations.  JavaScript is parsed or understood and run by web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, just put it in a webpage and it'll run.

Download JavaScriptPreLoadedRollOver.zip - This is a JavaScript Pre-Loaded Roll Over for webpage images.  It enables a new image to be displayed when a webpage image is hovered by the pointer.  It pre-loads the hover image so that it is displayed instantly.

Download JavaScriptPopUpWindow.zip - This is a JavaScript Pop-Up Window for webpages.  It enables a hyperlink to open the link in a new pop-up window.

Download JavaScriptPopUpWindowStatic.zip - This is a JavaScript Pop-Up Window for a Static URI for webpages.  It enables a hyperlink to open the link in a new pop-up window.

Perl CGI Codelets plus Explanations
Perl CGI (Common Gateway Interface) mini-bits of code with line-by-line explanations.  Perl CGI requires a Perl environment to run altho most webservers have this.  It may take setting up before it'll run.

Download HelloWorldCGI.zip - This is a Perl CGI script, the indomitable Hello World.  It prints "Hello, World" on the screen.

Download IPFirewallCGI.zip - This is a Perl CGI script that implements a website IP firewall.  It enables you to block any IP from your website and instead send them to Amazon plus you'll get a percentage of their Amazon purchase.

Download WebformMessageSystemCGI.zip - This is a two part Perl CGI script that implements a website message system.  It enables your website visitors to send you (or anyone) a message directly from your site.  Their message is sent to you via email.  Most Perl environments have Sendmail installed and therefore this'll probably be the simplest subroutine to use.

Perl Module: Net::ICQ::On - ICQ Online Tester v1.11, 15 Mar 10
Download Net-ICQ-On-1.11.tar.gz - This program has not yet been fully tested but has passed standard tests at CPAN.
Download Net-ICQ-On-1.10.8.tar.gz - This old program does not function.

This program is due to be re-released, as a Java Bean to run on webservers.

ICQ Online Tester; Check whether any ICQ user is online or not, returns 1 for online or 0 for offline.  Registered at CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network.


use Net::ICQ::On;

my $Online=Net::ICQ::On->Test(<ICQ No./>);

my $Online=Net::ICQ::On->Test(555456789);
print "My ICQ number is ";
if ($Online==1) { print "<span style=\"color: green;\">555456789</span>.\n"; }
else { print "555456789.\n"; }


This module tests the online state of any ICQ user and returns 1 for online or 0 for offline.

* No ICQ account is necessary,
* No ICQ server login is necessary.

These make it simple and quick to return the result.

It downloads the smallest ICQ online gif and analyses it to determine the online state of the user.

It was designed to replace the large ICQ flower GIF that ICQ promotes as an online test suitable for webpages because the standard GIF didn't fit into the footer of the webpage it was required for.  This was coded initially for the Dream ƒrequency website and then developed into a useful Perl module registered at CPAN.

Example uses:
* In xhtml, see above example, on a homepage to display your ICQ number in green if you're online or in the default colour if you're offline,
* As an interface for ICQ cam live support,
* As an interface for ICQ messaging,
* To redirect email to ICQ if the recipient is online.


Version 1.11.0 (20100315): Update for new ICQ GIF image. -
Version 1.10.8 (20060628): Minor documentation update. -
Version 1.10.7 (20060528): Minor code update for new GIF and minor documentation update. -
Version 1.10.6 (20060407): Minor documentation update. -
Version 1.10.5 (20060404): Minor documentation update. -
Version 1.10.4 (20060324): Minor code update. -
Version 1.10.3 (20060321): Updated distribution. -
Version 1.10.2 (20060320): Changed name of function.  Minor code updates.  Updated documentation. -
Version 1.9.4: Changed to HTTP::Request::Common for simplicity and optimisation. -
Versions 1.9.1, 1.9.0, 1.7, 1.6, 1.5, 1.4, 1.3: Previous versions.


v1.11.0 (20100315)


Code is copyright (c)2005-2010 Pro ƒrequency. ICQ is copyright (c)1998-2010 ICQ Inc..


Net::ICQ::On was created by ƒrequency, http://aboutf.com/
Free technical support: http://profrequency.com/support/
This Perl module is free software and may be freely redistributed unchanged.

Perl Module: File::Tree - Treeing Algorithm v1.0.1
Download Tree-1.0.1.pm - This module is untested recently but probably still functions.


use File::Tree;

my @Tree=File::Tree->DisplayTree();

foreach (@Tree) { print "$_\n"; }


This module trees all the files and directories in a directory and returns an array of the fully paved filenames.

Example uses:
* To delete all the files in a directory for removal,
* To count files,
* To count directory depth.


Version 1.0.1 (976547): Release.


v1.0.1 (976547)


Code is copyright (c)2005-6 Pro Frequency.


File::Tree was created by Pro Frequency, a division of Frequency Software.
Pro Frequency, Professional Software - http://profrequency.com -
Dream Frequency, Useful Software - http://dreamfrequency.com -
Frequency Software, Corporate Information - http://frequencysoftware.com.
Free technical support: http://profrequency.com/support.
This Perl module is free software and may be freely redistributed unchanged.

Download 3k SPW PAD Submitter v1.0.4
Download SubmitD3k-1.0.4.zip - This is a Perl script.  It is untested recently but probably still functions.  This program was designed for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), if you don't know what a PAD file is then this probably isn't you.

Submits PADs to Download 3k software promotional website. Download 3k polls PADs therefore only one submittal per PAD is required.

This Perl script is freeware and may be freely redistributed unchanged.

PAD (Portable Application Description) (c)1996-2006 Association of Shareware Professionals, Inc

Software Installer Module

Featuring: Automatic one month trial license provision, with reminder dialog at runtime displaying a Buy Now button, free days remaining display and message of restrictions if any, and end small dialog with a Buy Now button and price display.  Plays sound sample on dialog display, for instance to play a vocal sample of the price, or 'Trial Version' message, includes female vocal samples of popular prices in dollars and default phrases.  Secure, remote, unlock code authentication.  Latest EULA version live display.  Automatic latest version check from remote PAD file, redirecting to website to update.  Creates Start Menu and Desktop shortcuts.  Auto-install to company directory if running from outside directory.  Read secure unlock code from copy buffer, all the user has to do is select and copy the code, e.g. left, left, right, copy, and from secure registry store on future runs.  Instant firewall for fraud instances and unwanted customers, stopping unauthorized software use.  Speaks Thank You for Registering message on successful unlock.  Sends secure, unique, anonymous user ID to server on run to prevent license abuse, and also provides unique installs count.  Automatic message display facility displaying message to all distributed applications from remote text for important news updates.  Halts run and displays warning message on an attempted code crack.  Read Me display.  Customizable installer module and server side backend.  Tried and tested system easy to install and maintain.

Uptime Clock v3.7.4
Download Uptime-2.2.0.zip - The program ran on Microsoft Windows and here is the Perl script edition.  It is untested recently but probably still functions.

This program may be re-released, as freeware in Java to run on all computers in the standard ƒrequency editions: computer, mobile and web.

Pro ƒrequency Uptime Clock was created to display a clock of a computer's uptime, before Microsoft added it to Windows with Vista.  See Windows Vista or 7, then open Windows Task Manager, Windows help says "You can also open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and then clicking Start Task Manager", then goto the Performance tab and it is displayed under System:Up Time.  We noticed this possibility first in Miklos' AIDA32 the sysinfo utility.  ƒrequency here seeing a use for a technology and implementing a solution early.

Display of the amount of time since your computer was booted.  This is called the uptime.  The display is precise to the second.  Windows GUI clock version available from Download.com, "Precise information... worth evaluating," Download.com Editor's Review.
http://www.download.com/ #Uptime-Clock/3000-2094-10450928.html

Find out if your computer has been running for 2 days, 10 hours or you have just turned it on.  Windows counts the number of milliseconds since it was last booted (started).  This application reads that count, then turns it into time on a 24hour clock and in kiloseconds.  This interesting Windows feature was discovered as a static display in AIDA32, the system info application.

Website Content Management System (CMS)

Featuring: Fully featured, advanced CMS that generates xhtml (web) pages from raw PAD files.  Features simple installation and use.  Outputs a display of application icon, application title, buy now button with optional Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover logos.  Automatically displays as many screenshots as you put in your directory.  Automatically displays Macromedia Flash videos and Windows Media Videos for video captures or tutorials.  Automatically displays banner graphic in Flash or GIF format.  Auto-counts Download.com downloads, displays if popular and displays Download Now from Dl.c button.  Displays the full 2,000character descriptions from the PAD file, formatted into xhtml including bulleting starred lists and auto-replacing names with logos, e.g. Download.com, Google, etc..  Displays price.  Fully and securely integrates with PayPal &/ CCBill &/ WTSDebit and automatically emails receipt and, if selected, unlock code to purchaser.  Emails using any SMTP or sendmail local or remote system.  Displays updated version information including current version number, release date and release information from PAD file.  Four Download Now buttons: pre-loaded roll overs for FTP and HTTP and secondary links, file size display read directly from live file.  Support system included: Webform messages, auto-receipts for messages, auto-responder, SkypeIn (Coming Soon) online status autodetecting, (auto-advanced response for sending unlock codes on request - Coming Soon), website unlock code generation for reduced support queries and greater customer friendliness - interfaces with unlock code generator, translate into major world languages using Altavista Babelfish.  Includes PAD Summarizor to display the 80char description PAD summaries, for example on an index page.  Runs on any standard webserver with a Perl environment.  All you need to do is upload your PAD files to get your webpages automatically generated with your current information.

(c)2011 Pro frequency